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Front End Developer

I can take your website to the next level using the latest web technologies!


Back End Developer

I specialize in creating custom web applications from scratch that suit your needs!


CMS, eCommerce, etc.

Ranging from a Wordpress blog to an online store, no matter what it is I will get the job done!

Are you looking for a web developer?

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Austin Burns first became interested in web development when he started to look at the source code for websites about 4 – 5 years ago, wondering what actually made the websites function the way they do. Austin Burns immediately began to teach himself HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP, and MySQL to get a solid understanding of how a lot of websites are made and what he could do to push them to their limits. It didn’t take long for Austin Burns to become very passionate about web development and want to pursue it as his career. When Austin Burns landed his first job as a web developer he worked under a very experienced senior developer and took in as much knowledge from the developer as he could. From then on, Austin Burns has been building websites and web applications for many different companies, both as a freelancer and full-time with web development firms. Austin Burns is now living in New York working as a freelancer but his ultimate goal is to get a full time job at Google, Facebook, a tech startup, or start a tech startup of his own.